About me

Hey guys! I am relatively new to making a website and writing my own blogs. I am updating most of my content here still. I have been primarily traveling Asian countries for now. Eventually, I'll move things around and travel to other continents sometime next year. I am down for any inexpensive adventures!(legally of course). Food, local, outdoors, and what not, let's go! If you want me to send you a postcard or be updated with new content....subscribe and send me an address. One should be going your way from wherever I am traveling to! ha


I like hearing my audiences stories! Or if you have any questions regarding any travelling questions. I'd be glad to answer your questions or help you out with your travel plans! I can definitely help you out if you are going to the countries I've been to. Check out the map marker I made above. Feel free to send me an email for any questions or comments: kevin@postcardsaroundtheworld.com

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