When it all began

Hmmm I didn’t imagine myself that I’d be sitting down on my chair typing out a blog…. at the moment, I don’t know where this will take me…but It does feel liberating to just type away your thoughts. Maybe, I found a new way of sharing my travel experiences since I don’t have any social media. I used to have Facebook and other ones several years ago, but I didn’t find it useful. I do use messenger though if I needed to stay in touch with people abroad since almost everyone has the Facebook account. It was cool though that I didn’t need a Facebook account to use Messenger. So…score for me with that ha!

Where were we….regarding this blog? I’ll start using this platform to share my travel experiences. What do ya’ll think? I gotta come up with a blog name too…I’ll think of something and I’ll let ya’ll know on my next blog post!

I never was a traveler before, the majority of us were part of the “ushe.” Broke college students, full-time school, working a part-time job, hassling here and there and etc. The only traveling that I can remember were the road trips my family went to when I was younger. We never flew, we drove to wherever we were going. We didn’t have the luxury, but at least my parents were able to take us to awesome places. Cheap travels for the win! I guess we all fell into that category at one point, right? Whenever we travel, instead of eating out in restaurants, my parents had a thing for cooking a buffet worthy of food and stuffing everything at the back of our minivan. Those were our food supply on the road until we reach our destination…maybe it’s a Filipino thing? Asian thing? or just my family? I thought of opening a food truck business with the amount of food we carried in the van back then….good times haha.

After graduating college, I didn’t want to be categorized in “having money and a job, but not having time to travel” you know? I guess I was being selfish and unrealistic since I was just a new graduate. Who gets what they want when you’re just fresh off the boat and a noobie in your profession..? I thought 99.99% of new graduates just wanted to get their foot in first and do what their boss told them to do…on the other hand I hoped that I’d be in the 00.01% category. I was aiming high!

I didn’t travel initially after getting my first job as a new college graduate since I didn’t have vacation days. I needed to accumulate PTOs. Though, the moment I accrued enough PTO to cover 3 weeks of working days, was the moment I decided to travel on my own for the very first time. I didn’t know where to go and I was hesitant and apprehensive about going. A lot of what ifs came to my head. What if I run into problems? What if I lose my passport? What if no one’s able to speak English? What if I ran out of money? What if I get hurt? and so on….I traveled solo because I didn’t have a lot of friends, the friends that I knew then were unable to go. Either they were still in college, they were broke, or they didn’t have time and are working. I thought, screw that, I didn’t want to wait for anyone else. I wanted to explore, not just domestically, but internationally. I’ve always had this quote engraved in my head, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” I thought maybe I’ll just see where things go. We all learn by doing some things wrong, how bad can it get…?  Just traveling by myself in a country I’ve never been to. Let’s go! I thought ha.

Thailand was my first solo travel destination. Why I picked that country I had no clue. All I know was I saw a volunteering opportunity down there and I decided to go. I spent half of my vacation volunteering and the other half immersing myself in Thailand. At that time, I found out the one of my nursing buddy here in Chicago was staying in Thailand for a few months prior to taking her nursing license examination! I thought how cool that we get to hangout internationally! Sounds like an expensive friendship haha. Ended up just chilling around clubbing and living like a local. You can’t miss out eating lots of spicy street Thai food. The volunteering part…was awesome, self-deprecating and I was immersed completely in the mountains of Thailand. Met a lot of travelers from around the world, met many local people and gained extensive knowledge about Thailand’s culture…and so the traveling continued from there on out.

I am getting lazy in writing more about the trip….I am not really good at writing blogs. Did you catch any grammar errors? Cause I can already feel a lot of them already. My first trial ha. I am thinking of maybe I’ll continue this some other time…

This blog is getting lengthy, the ending is bad right? Oh man haha. Until next time, later guys! T

P.S. Not sure when my next blog is, so stay for updates! To be continued…